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When will my campaign start?
Campaigns have to be set up and approved before being placed in the Ad Server rotation. Because of this, it can usually take anywhere from 3-5 days before you start seeing signups in your customer stats area. Also, if you purchase a large order (500 or more Signups) then the order must pass through additional fraud checks, which basically means 5-7 days before your campaign begins.

I still do not see any signups even though I ordered 3 days ago. Could you please explain this?
Sure. You must realize that the signups you will be receiving are actual people that will make a conscious decision "on their own" to join your program. This is great news because your signups will be actual customers and more than likely will upgrade their status and become paying customers. This is a far cry from other companies offering signups as the majority of the time those signups are people that have been compensated in some way. These signups could care less about your business opportunity, because they are more concerned about getting paid by the Signups company. One other thing that could cause a slow campaign is the fact that all websites and/or landing pages are not created equal. Some people's campaigns finish very quickly and some people's lag and move along very slowly. It all depends on how intriguing your opportunity is to the prospect.

I am a little confused as to why all my purchased hits are coming from the same IP address. Please explain.
The reason is that your tracking software will not show or report our traffic visitors properly. Your traffic is targeted and as stated on our website, we deliver you (the customer) real targeted traffic visitors. We have to be able to track these visitors so they are ALL routed through our Ad Servers, sorted & counted --> and THEN they are sent to your site (this is the reason you will show only one IP (our server). SURE, we could simply send our targeted visitors directly to you AFTER they have shown specific interest in a niche, however we could not count and sort them properly.


Our Terms and Conditions

- Professional Services

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our products. However, because our products are considered an intangible commodity we cannot offer cash refunds. Please consider this before placing your order. Our guarantee is only limited to a full replacement of invalid traffic or signups.


Website Traffic - We will replace traffic that does not match the demographics or geographical locations specified on your original order. Also, any traffic that is deemed substandard by our system admins will be replaced.


Guaranteed Signups - We will replace signups that contain invalid phone numbers. We will also replace any signups that have invalid email addresses. Our signups are real people that have responded to a specific ad or interest. Some people put in a bad email or phone number mistakenly or intentionally. We cannot control what the person puts down as their email or phone number, however we can replace this signups with another one.