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Guaranteed Signups

We are very excited to have partnered with one of the biggest firms in the industry that specifically targets home-based business opportunity seekers. Thousands of interested prospects are delivered everyday to our customers through the use of national advertising campaigns. Our Partner pushes millions of ads across thousands of networks to bring in the highest quality prospects, which eventually become your signups. All of these signups are guaranteed to be USA-based. From time to time an International signup may occur, however these signups will not be counted toward your total order. You could end up with a lot more prospects than you paid for!!

So, for example - when an interested party clicks on any one of the many opportunities we have available, they will be automatically directed to one of our advertiser’s websites. If you are advertising opportunity A, we will send these prospects to your website that is promoting opportunity A. It's that simple! Your landing page is kept inside a special script that allows us to track exactly when a prospect has completed the process. When the prospect has completed the signup process, your account gets debited automatically, at which time the signup is delivered directly to you and is viewable in your Stats area. All of our signups are 100% verified and real-time business opportunity seekers that are visiting your landing page or website and signing up for your free service or free information. Order here for guaranteed signups orders or order here to rush your order and find out why we offer the best Guaranteed Signups in the industry!


- Professional Services

Our signups are guaranteed non-incentivized and are actual people who have responded to one or more of our campaigns and are in no way paid or enticed to sign up for any offer. This one fact makes our signups the best in the industry and separates us from the rest of the competition! Our guaranteed signups are real people looking for real offers. We match people's interests with your program offers and send them right to your site. Our leads either sign up for your offer or move on. In fact, less than 5% sign up for any one program, and less than 2% sign up for more than one program at a time. For this very reason, millions of ads must be pushed across thousands of networks to bring prospects in to review all of these websites and landing pages. The quality is unsurpassed and assures you the highest quality prospect. When someone does sign up for your offer or program it is completely what they wanted to do and the chances of them eventually paying or upgrading into your offer is 100% better than if the signup was compensated or incentivized, which is exactly what our competitors will offer you in order to get the campaigns done as quickly as possible.

As stated above, don't be fooled by others offering incentivized signups (people that have been paid or compensated in some way to signup with incentives or cash). Incentivized signups are completely worthless and not worth the time and money. Believe us when we say that the chances of an incentivized signup ever buying from you or upgrading in the future is slim to none!

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