Email Ad Packages

We offer two different and unique email marketing services. We strive to provide the latest and greatest in advertising and believe that email marketing is one of the best strategies that Internet Marketers can use. We offer the best types of marketing strategies available. Our strategies are researched and will provide your business with more traffic and improved visitors to include responses to your offers. What we offer is email solo ads, which is an age-old method of improving traffic to your site. It is a proven method of getting a great ROI for you and your business. We also offer a new service known as an Email traffic blaster service. This service is classified as a bulk email marketing service that allows your ad to be seen by over 2.7 million subscribers per day (This number grows every day by the way). Now, that is a lot of people viewing your ad. The service is only $39.95 and you would be foolish to pass this up. You can check out the whole email traffic blaster service here.

Now back to our email solo ads. Of course, our competition offers similar services, however they mostly send automated clicks to your site which, quite frankly, will never amount to much as far as sales are concerned because none of their supposed subscribers are opted-in properly or have ever showed an interest in the first place! In fact, we are so confident in our Email lists that we guarantee you at least a 3% click-thru rate! This means that for every 100,000 emails that are sent, you will receive at least 3,000 click-thrus to your promoted site.

We provide all our customers with actual proof of their campaigns through the use of our special tracking systems. All of the email ads that we send are tracked through our system, as well as time and date stamped so you get exact stats delivered to you. You will receive login information via email and can control your campaign in your stats area.

What about SPAM detection software? Won't all your emails be detected as SPAM? The answer is a simple... NO! We use special advanced and proprietary software to deliver your targeted emails straight into the subscriber's inbox, unlike other Email campaign programs that end up in the bulk email folder, where your ad eventually gets discarded. All of the laws are followed and strictly adhered to in order to avoid any problems or interruptions of campaigns. You will never be accused of spamming your recipients! Try our email solo ad packages here.


Looking for More? Try Email Traffic Blaster!

- Professional Services 

Through a special Partner promotion, we can now offer our customers a membership with a hugely popular and highly successful Email Traffic Blaster service. Instead of paying a monthly fee like others you will be able to get your Pro membership for a low one-time fee of only $69.00! This membership allows you to reach 81 million double opt-in email recipients!! And now you can get the Lifetime Pro Membership for 50% OFF!! This means you will pay just a one-time fee of only  $39.95!! You MUST click through our link below to get this rate! This service can be used along side our Targeted Email Ad-Blaster service for increased effectiveness!

Think about this for a second! If your ad is being sent out to a whopping 81 million subscribers, even at a conversion rate of less than >1% you can profit immensely! We will give you a good conservative example below utilizing a great and profitable advertising campaign. This is a great way to advertise your program and a very good investment as you will see below. In this example, we are going to run a monthly Ad campaign utilizing the 81 million subscribers Email Traffic Blaster Ad:


If you invest in our Email Traffic Blaster service and send your ads you are reaching a potential 81 million people per month - that would equal 2.7 million people per day. Let's just say that less than 1% of the ads were read by these people (a ridiculously low number, by the way!). With your Pro Lifetime membership, you can send your ads to 2.7 million people per day. Let's just say that less than 1% of the ads were read by subscribers (a ridiculously low number, by the way!). If you only had less than 1% of subscribers reading your ad, it would total out to 27,000 double opt-in subscribers reading your ad! Now, with 27,000 subscribers reading your ad, let's say that less than 1% of those decided to click-through to your actual landing page. Now we have 270 interested and potential customers looking at your product! What is the conversion now?! It depends on how well you are at presenting your product! Do you think you could convert at least 1% of interested people we send to your site? Do you have confidence in your product(s)? Of course you do! Let's low-ball it one more time, shall we?! If just 1% of those 270 interested people purchased your product, you would have approximately 3 sales! If your program was, let's say $10.00 then you are looking at $30.00 per day in which would equal around $900.00 per month in sales  - using a very, very conservative 1% figure!! What would happen if the figures were 2% or more?!! Do you see the potential here??!! Read more here.